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Join this Webinar for free . In this Webinar the participants shall establish a solid concept in Astrology (also known as Jyotish) and Vastu is an extremely valuable tool that a participants can use personally or for the benefit of others. Jyotish, in Sanskrit means "light"; it shines a light on your karmic path so that you can get to know yourself better in an objective matter enabling you to make better life choices.


Mr. Prittish Gandhi

HOD-Vedic & Board of Advisory - Learn From the Guru

A Software Professional by academics Prittesh Gandhi, severed a long carrier in software industry. He had keen interest in occult sciences (Astrology and Vastu) ever since he was a teen. Working in Software Industry he use to work part time as a consultant and help people with his expertise, simultaneously, he kept on upgrading his skills from his Guru and Mentors. Today he is exclusively practicing Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist and a Healer. He has many success stories to his portfolio. He is also a devotee and has practiced various divination system, his divination practices included Vedic astrology, numerology, Vedic- Vastu & western hits. He is having ground-breaking remedial practice knowledge for Vastu invasions and experiment. He is highly expert on user friendly online training methodology for astrology programs and gain huge fan following across the globe.

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