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About Parashara School Of Occult Science (Trust)

We are the one of the best leading educational Academy into various conventional and IT & Management Training sector since more than 20 years, and recently we have came up with a new arena into Vedic Business Academy. This is a new educational vertical to provide Vedic Astrology and other “Jyotish Shastra related Program.

PARASHARA SCHOOL OF OCCULT SCIENCE strives to achieve the best in the ancient Indian Science of Astrology and Vedic-Science. Our courses are designed in such a manner so as to impart the complete knowledge of Astrology, Vedic-Vastu in a simple and understandable language. A student will become an expert in the above subjects at the end of the curriculum and can easily practice it as a profession or as a hobby to please and a layman with surprising results. Parashara school of occult science may not be the first in this field but it is definitely unique in its concept, approach, content, delivery and presentation to fulfill the basic human psychology to know more and more about its future in a dedicated and descriptive manner. After completion of this exhaustive online course, one will be in a position to help and relieve the sufferings of human beings and guide them to a better lifestyle and future. In this course the student shall establish a solid foundation in Vedic Astrology (also known as Jyotish) is an extremely valuable tool that a student can use personally or for the benefit of others. Jyotish, in Sanskrit means "light"; it shines a light on your karmic path so that you can get to know yourself better in an objective matter enabling you to make better life choices.

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Highly experienced and excellent faculty

Home based online training

Excellent teaching methodology

Accurate Remedial Solutions

Very nominal and flexible payment option

Certified Astrology Academy