Meet Our Key People and Greate Gurus


Dr Surren Mahapatra

Founder & Vedic Business Coach

Dr Mahapatra is an Entrepreneur, Educationist, Mentor, Writer, Columnist, Spiritual Practitioner also a Vedic Business Coach with 20+ years of experience and a dual Doctorate holder. Dr Surren is a versatile Management Professional with Excellent knowledge on profit making venture and passion enterprise convector he has been travelled many countries and gained national and international exposure in consulting , Edupenuering & Mastering the innovative concepts like business process, Branding, Benchmarking, Quality control affiliating and Developing of SOP. Dr Surren has also written a book on astrology called "Vedic Jyotish Shastra"


Aacharya Rajni Karmakar

Vedic Astrologer, Palmist & Spiritual Practicener

Rajni Madam is a student of famous Astrologer Guruji Shree.K.N.Raoji and she has obtained a professional degree in Vedic astrology from Bharatiya Vidyabhawan New Delhi. She has an experience of around 12 years in vedic astrology with very excellent researches as per vedic. Madam Rajni by profession is an Accounts Manager in a reputed Indian conglomerate. The rich corporate background along with close association with Spiritual Consultants & Gurus it has given her an unique insight into Astrology which enables her to understand the practical and scientific way of approach. She got huge fan followings because of her right predictions and great experience into the subjects, and that's earned her a valued position in the world of Vedic Jyotish Shastra. Being the disciple of Guruji Shree K.N Raoji, she has a very practical approach to astrology and she has learned n practiced plenty of case studies in this short span of time. She is about to complete her PhD in "Vibha & Santan" and writes astrology columns and Vedic Astrology books too. She loves to do social work and associated as " Vedic Astrology Consultant" with Parashara School of Occult Science in aspect to keeping vedic astrology as a main profession. She is willing to serve best way to the society with her in-depth knowledge in Vedic Astrology, Plamist , Mythology & Karma Shastra etc also wish to dedicate her complete life into occult science.


Mr. Prittish Gandhi

HOD-Vedic & Board of Advisory - Learn From the Guru

A Software Professional by academics Prittesh Gandhi, severed a long carrier in software industry. He had keen interest in occult sciences (Astrology and Vastu) ever since he was a teen. Working in Software Industry he use to work part time as a consultant and help people with his expertise, simultaneously, he kept on upgrading his skills from his Guru and Mentors. Today he is exclusively practicing Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist and a Healer. He has many success stories to his portfolio. He is also a devotee and has practiced various divination system, his divination practices included Vedic astrology, numerology, Vedic- Vastu & western hits. He is having ground-breaking remedial practice knowledge for Vastu invasions and experiment. He is highly expert on user friendly online training methodology for astrology programs and gain huge fan following across the globe.


Mr. Pallav Kar

Sr. Faculty

Pallav Kumar who is with an engineering and Defence background, a Maha Vastu, Vedic-Vastu, Vastu Chakra Expert, trained under eminent Vastu Gurus, is the biggest backbone of Vastu talks. He is an individual who always believed in the warmth of honesty, sincerity in providing services due to his Defense background. He is also a master numerologist and Graphologist. Keeping all the traditional rules of Vastu Shastra in mind, Pallav Kumar has been excelling in fields like quantum healing, chakra healing, and dowsing. Since these concepts are unusual, Vastu talk's main goal is to let the audience know and admire the positivity produced by Vastu shastra.


Mr.Pupindarr S Riar

Celebrity Astrologer, Star Numerologist, Vastu Expert & Spiritual Practitioner

Mr Pupindarr has been practicing meditations, pranayam, NLP, Numerology & Astro Vastu since a decade. His immensely contribution in regulating others health and endeavour to empower to the society is phenomenal. In his journey since long years he felt the need and chose the path of establishing practice in holistic treatments, which provides immense peace and joyful when he saw how beautifully the souls of the individuals are being decorated by the touch therapy and other remedies.Mr Pupindarr is a certified NLP, Maha Vastu, Vedic Vastu, KP Astrology, Numerology & Vedic Astrology practitioner being trained himself from various gurus across the world, Mr. Pupindarr passionate about helping to create accountability and better attitudes towards abundance of happiness , leading to body awareness and self-empowerment. He is deeply committed and continue to learn everyday from the amazing changes from his cost free clients.


Mr.Manoj Kumar Sethi

Astro Vastu Consultant & Spiritual Seeker

Mr Manoj Kumar Sethi is a certified Vastu Expert, numerologist, and an Astro Vastu Consultant, also keen interest in working with Vedic Astrology, LalKitab , KP Astrology and many other occult science. He is a hardcore spiritual seeker, and having many mystical experiences since child hood. Mr Manoj has been associated with Parashara School of Occult Science from its inception and also a very good advisor and social activist, he has been awarded with many certificates from various Guruji's and phenomenal knowledge about Indian mythologies like Veda, Purana, shastra etc, Mr. Sethi believe in good karma and hard working, his client feedback about astrology consulting is phenomenal and testimonials includes Vastu numerology and astrology is impressive too, he do charge very nominal consulting fees as he believe with a thought that "God is busy may I help you"


Dr. Nanda Nandan Das

Original Thinker & Board of Advisory

A person with with no introduction needed. Holding many experiences as well as an original thinker. Dr Das is DSc (civil), D.Litt(social work), and Phd in Road, building and disaster, MSW, LLB, FIE, MIRC &MIBC. He has been the former secretary projects under Govt of Odisha, Ex consultant of POSCO-India. He is also advisor of Indian Building Congress .He won a lot of awards in Buildings like Defects, Preventive And Remedial measures , effect of Vastu shastra on construction of buildings ,Engineering challenges on design and execution of buildings in expensive soil ,Engineering challenges solving critical problems of flood ,Ideal smart city of international standard Engineering challenges to face cyclone, flood and surge . He was award with Post Doctoral Fellowship from Kristie International University of South Korea and National RASHTRIYA GOURAV AWARD ,MADHUSUDAN DAS SAMMAN .On his highness there is a award called as "DR NANDA NANDAN DAS AWARD" given to innovative engineers by IEI, Odisha every year. During his entire life he has travelled many countries and phenomenally developed many of the innovative ideas for public interest and benefits also he published 7 books in which LETTERS TO THE HON'BLE PRIME MINISTER ,GLOBAL PEACE, FINE TUNING OF ROAD AND BUILDING PROJECTS, RELIGION HUMANITY. Also he has published some Odia books named AMULYA RATNAMALA, JAGABHARAT BASI SAMAY KAMA & MANAVA DARMA .More than 350 no of his writings are published in magazines, news papers, Technical & social media. He proposed to adopt Indian Citizenship card for all Indians to Ministry of Home Affairs during 2009 which is known as AADHAR CARD now a days.


Prof. Dr. Susanta Das

Board of Advisory & Spiritual Practitioner

Dr. Das is a man of Spirituality, An Educationist and a good orator of national repute. He has written many books related to physics, philosophy and biography of many great personalities since 15 yrs. Dr. Das is an ideal Professor Philosopher and mastering in physics professionals. Dr Das holds a Doctorate Degree in Physic and also guided many students for higher degrees and his ideology of Management is highly appreciated by our Academy, he believes in quality education and discipline in all educational institutions. He is a devotee of Lord Jagannath and member of many spiritual conglomerates.


Mr. Chandrakant Shukla

Yoga Guru

A spiritual Yoga Guru of several Yoga Mudra having more than 10 years of experience, He has trained many students across India and Internationally. He has immense knowledge about various styles of Yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation, in more recent years.