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Dr.Surren Mahapatra

Dr.Surren Mahapatra

Founder & Vedic Business Coach

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Aacharya Rajni Karmakar

Vedic Astrologer, Palmist & Spiritual Practicener

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Prittish Gandhi

HOD-Vedic & Board Of Advisory

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Mr. Pupindarr S Riar

Celebrity Astrologer, Star Numerologist, Vastu Expert

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Mr. Manoj Kumar Sethi

Astro Vastu Consultant & Spiritual Seeker

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Mr.Pallav Kar

Mahavastu Expert

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  • K. Jyotsna Maithani
    Andhra Pradesh

    I have been regularly consulting with Mr. Manoj for the last 1 years of Parashara School through the various ups-downs of our life. While one cannot change the destiny; the advice definitely helps in understanding the phases of your life - whether it will be a difficult or will it be a good phase. It prepares you, it calms you, and it helps you focus on things in a positive manner. My best wishes to others who may consult Mr. Manoj and Parashara School also.

  • Mukesh Agrawal
    Industrialist , Punjab.

    Most of the Astrologers of Parashara are very popular Astrologers. I Met Mr.Pupindarr who is one of the astrologer of Parashara School 2 years before & still I am being benefited by his remedies. Every 6 months, I consult him for more & more Prosperity. Nobody can find such a Genuine Astrologer and Genuine Company like Parashara School in this World have.

  • Anju Agarwal

    Mrs. Rajni Karmakar is exceptionally honest and committed to her subject. She has always given me a patient hearing. As they say that your destiny meets you on the path you take to avoid it. However Rajni ji's faithful analysis has always given me hope and has also helped me to be mentally prepared to face what is to come.

  • Samarjeet Singh

    Most of the Astrologers of Parashara School of Occult Science are very popular Astrologers, myself Samarjeet Singh from bundelkhand, I would like to Share with Everyone that the predeiction done by all of the astrologer of parashara is fantabulous as I have seen because I have taken from different type of consultation from them.

  • S Venkateramana
    Real Estate Owner, Bangalore

    Mr. Surren Mahapatra is the Most Successful Astrologer. I had been in Property Consultancy Business for past 18 years. I had lost most of my Money in Litigations & Other Business Losses. I was planning to leave Bangalore Forever. A single consultation from him and its really changed my Life.

  • Ramesh Sankar Sharma

    I came in contact with Mrs. Rajni Karmakar. Today of Parashara School of occult science and taken consulting on vedic she is the best among all astrologer I met in my life.

  • Dr. Suryam Ghosh

    I met Mrs. Rajni Karmakarof Parashara School when I was stuck and helpless, knotted with multiple problems in relationship, carrier, and finance but when I met her I found some strong spiritual power to recover, overcome. Then after working on her remedy I am able to handle so many situations, ups and down, many people give my example as role model. I really like to recommend her consultation and Parashara School too.

  • Rewa Kumari

    Parashara School of Occult Science are very good Astrologers and Mr Pritish Gandhi is one of them who is best authentic spiritual astrologer, kind human being, accuracy in prediction and above all he is most amazing gentle person whose aura is divine to protect you from all problems. I always salute to him as well Parashara School also.

  • Sania Choudhury
    Faishon Model, Mumbai

    Mrs. Rajni Karmakar is the Most Popular Astrologer. I was struggling a lot in Bollywood & had consulted almost Top 20 Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmists, Vaastu Experts but everything went vain. It was 3 years back, and now I consulted Mrs. Rajni Karmakar & today I have got so much work that I have to say no to some people. It Is all because of Mrs. Rajni Karmakar.

  • Priyanka Bose
    Air Hostess, Kolkata

    Mrs. Rajni Karmakar is the most popular Astrologer by profession, I am working as an Air Hostess in aviotion company the remedies She told me worked so fast & they rather were very very simple. The problem which I was facing for the past 12 years, went off in just 4 months.

  • Shipra Dey
    Interior Designer, West Bengal.

    Mr Pupindaar is a very good numerologies he did Name Vibration Balancing with my Husband’s name helped bringing in turn around in our mind. Honestly today my Husband is even a bigger fan of him and me I wish Parashara School of Occult Science should excellent all the time.

  • Sushant Sharma
    Share Market Consultant, Mumbai

    I have found the Spring Time of my life by taking the consulting from Dr. Surren Sir, he is not only an Astrologer alos a motivational speaker and life style designer as per Vedic.

  • Neeraj Kumar

    Prediction was good and very helpful remedies you told me very thankful to you. With your suggestions and predictions, I started doing daily puja. Thank you.

  • Minakshi Goel

    Mam apne meri life ki sabse badi problem solve kar di mai apki jitni bhi tareef karun kam hai.

  • Nirmala Yada

    Hello Mrs. Rajni Karmakar, I am very happy now apki prediction ne meri life change kar di hai thanks mujhe sahi rasta dikhane k liye. Thank you Mam.

  • Dipika Singh

    Hi Mrs. Rajni Karmakar.. your prediction about my sister marriage was excellent.. your words were accurate and trust worthy.. god bless you

  • Ananda Solani

    I am really impressed with the predictions which are done by Mrs. Rajni Karmakar as it is very close in terms of accuracy and the suggested solutions are also cost effective. I will highly recommend Mrs. Rajni Karmakar, Thank you.

  • Sonia Sharma

    Your prediction is very true about my past. your solution is so easy for all problem, nice work.

  • Vishal Mishra

    Thank you so much Mrs. Rajni Karmakar, your prediction was so right about my marriage.

  • Sweety Panda

    Everything you told about my past is all right. Thank you for my future prediction.

  • Chandan Jha

    I am so much satisfied with your prediction thank you.

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